Do We Need Therapy?

Most Couples have asked themselves this question at least once in their relationship. Therapy may have been suggested by an outside party, or one partner may have suggested to the other as a last effort to save the relationship. The thought of therapy has been introduced to the couple. Now, they question, do they really need it?

Therapy can assist a couple in determining where the issue is in their relationship. A therapist can use surveys, guides, and pointed questions to determine the “identified problem” that is causing strife in a couple’s relationship. Notice I didn’t say “married” , couple’s counseling isn’t just for the married folks. A couple can be any two , unconventionally maybe more than two, people that are in a relationship, usually of a romantic and committed nature. The therapist can NOT tell you what your “problem” is. The therapist can NOT point fingers and put blame on one or the other party. A therapist does not take sides. This is pretty helpful for a couple. Most couples have family and friends that want to intervene and give opinions and this can also not only be a part of the problem, sometimes, it can be THE problem.

But, back to the necessity of therapy. Here are some simple questions to ask yourselves to determine whether or not you should attend therapy. These are NOT the only deciding factors, these are just examples of situations or evidence that therapy just might be for you and your significant other.

Question #1 Are you both satisfied with the quality of your relationship?

Question #2 Has there been a traumatic event that has caused discord in your relationship? ( example: infidelity, natural disaster, death, etc.)

Question #3 Has there been a continuous issue with your relationship that has affected the satisfaction or growth of your relationship? ( example: addiction, mental health issues, etc.)

Question #4 Do you want to improve the quality of your relationship, but feel stuck at a pattern of behavior that makes you frustrated with the progress or growth of your relationship? ( example: intimacy, children, family integration, commitment).

Final Question & The Most Common Reason For Therapy, Are you afraid that your relationship is at an end and you want to save it, or just decide to sever it , but are afraid to do so? ( example: constant fighting, disagreement, dissatisfaction with the other party, etc.)

Now, after answering these questions, how do you feel? Should you attend therapy? Do you need more clarification?

I offer discounted therapy rates virtually or in-person, this includes initial assessments where you can determine if therapy, or if therapy with me, is right for you. Take a deep breath, and contact me to find out more.


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